About me

Born in 1970 in Rouen, in Normandy, the memories of our large family, our inventions and our little touches of madness have had quite an impact on my childhood and on my future life as a mother and a teacher.

Since summer 2007, our family has settled in the Limousin where we are building a straw house for our “ three little pigs”! Our hens give us fresh eggs every day and I must admit I should spend more time in the vegetable garden.

Dreaming of becoming a “claudette”, a cow-boy or a writer, after some years spent being an activity leader, I ended up becoming an English teacher and I assure you, it is a vocation…

Today, professionally speaking, I share my time between leading musical activities, teaching and writing.

As you can imagine, young and older children are an essential part of my daily life and keep inspiring me, day after day…at school, in life and as free as they can be!

Today, another dream would be to have time to write a novel…